Terms of Use


VivasHost.com is a webiste owned by Vivas Industries LTD.
All services listed on the website www.vivashost.com are provied by Vivas Industries LTD solely or with partnership with third party companies.

Terms of Use

1.Rules for Virtual Private Servers(VPS) and Dedicated servers:

  1. You do not have the right to upload any files, systems, programs or anything for which you do not own rights to use on dedicated or virtual privated server we deliver to you.
  2. You do NOT have the right to create or use software, scripts or any kind of service which violates copyright or author rights which you do not possess.
  3. VivasHost.com do not take any responsibilities for how you use any service provided by VivasHost and all consequences which may occur when you violate law are only yours.
  4. When the time for which your rent of service expires you have 3 days to reactivate it by creating a new order and paid it before we stop it. We do not take any responsibilities for non paid services on time.
  5. When you purchase a new VPS order we will provide it up to 24 hours of when your payment is confirmed.
  6. We own the right to not provide a new, not recurring service when it is paid and refund all the money back to you when we are out of stock to provide it.
  7. VivasHost.com own the right to cancel your service at any time when your service usage violates our Terms of Use.
  8. VivasHost.com own the right to change all the terms rules or particular at any time without any notification. You as a client using any our service are obliged to be in touch with our Terms of Use before any usage of service.

2. Creating Order:

  1. VivasHost uses pre-paid billing system. You pay for the month ahead.
  2. When you purchase Dedicated server you pay for the next whole month plus Pro Rata Fee. "Pro Rata Fee" is ONE TIME fee attached once to price of the server at the time you purchase it. Pro Rata Fee is a Fee which covers the days from renting the server until the end of the same month in which you made the purchase. With this one-time fee paid you server will be active until the end of the next month based on the order date.

    For example:

    You make a purchase on 15.12.2017 / Here you have already paid Pro Rata Fee which will cover the days from 15.12.2017 to 31.12.2017.
    Your server expiry date: 31.01.2018 / Here you have already paid at the purchase the fee for the server it self for a whole one month.
  3. After you pay this one-time fee you will no longer see the Pro-rata fee in your invoice for that dedicated server.
  4. When placing an new order we will send you infromation about the exact Pro-rata fee for this order which will be added to your next invoice.
  5. You are obligated to provide only correct information.

3. Canceling service:

  1. To cancel service you must log in your account. Under the tab "My Orders" click "Cancel Service" to drop that service.
  2. You will be asked to confirm that you no longer want to use that service.
  3. Services terimanted can not be restored back and all the information stored on these servers are lost.
  4. When you cancel service you will be no longer invoiced on the first of the month for this service.